Loving Lucy 97'

My parents surprised me with the trip for my high school graduation. It was better than getting a car(which my best friend got). So here goes.

Friday: While after the little bus mix-up we arrived at the Television Academy an hour late but Tom was nice enough to hold the show till we al l got there. It was well worth it. They showed clips of many programs Lucy and/or Desi appeared on and also the Lucy bloopers. The special presentation that night was The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour from 1964 with Bob Hope. One of the neatest things was at the beginning when Tom was introduced, by Lucy. The phrase "And now the president of We Love Lucy, Tom Watson" was edited from clips of Lucy on different shows saying these words. During intermission, I got my picture taken with Suzanne as Lucy Charmichael and I got a picture of the Borden Twins.

Saturday: The first panel discussion was at 10:00 that morning and was very informative. I wish that they had left more time for Q and A though. The autograph line was very long but I did get to talk to Mike and meet Tarah while I waited. Meeting Keith Thibodeaux. was great, but I got all tongue tied when I tried to tell him where I got his book. The second panel discussion was at 1:00 and as others had noted Maury was the hit of the panel. The one story that was told in both sessions was the story about Tallulah Bankhead and her strip tease in Desi's office. I had read about it in a few books, but it was so neat to hear someone actually tell it. The auction followed at 4:00. I did get a bidding number but didn't bid. Everything was out of my price range. Congrats to Glen on his two Elois Jennessn sketches. Someone else mentioned the Ricky Jr. baby carriage went for $1700, and the next day the woman who bought it got Keith T. to autograph it.

Saturday Evening:  That evening was the banquet. Thanks Glen on getting us the great table. By the way Glen got the center piece on the table. The show was great. The Borden twins sang "Ricochet Romance" and other songs. Suzanne did not have that big a part in the show, but I think it was because s he was saving most of it for her show Sunday. She did do Lucy Charmichael in the Main Street USA Lucy Show and the Freddy the Freeloader sketch from the LDCH. Ralph Hart did a very touching tribute to Vivian Vance. I was crying by the end of his story. For the finale of the show they put together pieces of news events form 1951 to the present and showed Lucy related pictures along with it under the song "Through the Years", to show that Lucy was and is always around, from being on TV weekly through 1974 and in reruns, books, and conventions ever since. I was crying again by the end of it. The most thrilling part of the evening was after the banquet when I got to ride in an elevator with Ralph Hart and his family. I also got to talk to his mother and him the next morning and tell him how much I loved his story about Vivian. He was so sweet.

Sunday: The morning started with a brunch and book signing with the authors where I got all my books autographed. The trivia game was fun, except I listened to my mother on the one question and got myself eliminated. I was trying to do math in my head(not my best subject)and my mom kept pointing to B when I knew the answer was C. I knew every answer after that. Suzanne's show was that afternoon. She was so good . The first act was her as Lucy Ricardo. She had every little facial, and body movement down. People were saying how creepy it was watching her. It was like Lucy was on stage. The second act was Wildcat, Mame, and Lucy at home. The last part involved the phone call on, November 30, 86, and they showed slides of Desi under the song "My Best Boy" from Mame which Suzanne sang. At the end, the screen said "Desi Arnaz died on December 2, 1986." "Lucy left us three years later." It was so sad. I was crying. Suzanne then came out as herself. The show ended on such a sad note but it was an excellent show none the less, and a great way to end a great weekend.