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My Lucy Adventures

May 24-26, 1996 saw the opening of the Lucy-Desi Museum in Lucy's hometown of Jamestown, New York and I was there. Click the heart to see some photos and read the story.

In 1997 I graduated from High School and got a trip to the "2nd Annual Loving Lucy Convention" in Burbank, Ca as my present. Read my story and see the pictures.

In 1999 I once again got to attend "Loving Lucy 99". See the pictures and read my story.

While on vacation in Los Angeles in 1996 I visted some Lucy related sites in the area. Read my story and see the pictures.

Other Lucy Stuff

Collecting Lucy memorabilia has been one of my hobbies for a long time. Click the heart to see the photos of my collection.

Attention TV Watchers

Have you ever been watching TV and heard a reference to I Love Lucy on a popular TV program? I've been keeping a list of shows with references to the characters and/or the show. See what shows Love Lucy.

Over the years I've collected close to 60 VHS tapes of Lucy realted performances. See my collection.

My Favorite Lucy Links

The Lucille Ball File - Photos, Sounds, Old magazine articles, etc..

Lucy Library - Selling all Lucy books, video, music and other special features.

The Lucy-Desi Museum - The official site of The Lucy Desi Museum in Jamestown,NY

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